10 Questions With A Creative: Tony Artz


10 Questions With A Creative: Tony Artz

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At Ideative Creative, we think about creativity a lot. We talk about it. We wonder where it comes from. We thank the gods that be when it shows up and on rare occasion, when we’re tapped out on some bleak, inspiration-less 2 a.m. morning and we’re on a deadline, we curse it. Creativity is tricky.

We decided that we wanted to start a conversation. And we wanted people we admire in the arts, people who create, people who listen to the muses, to weigh in with their thoughts. Each month, we hope to bring you some of their ideas on the creative process, how they work and what makes them tick, in the form of “10 Questions With A Creative.”

Meet Tony Artz of

Tony Artz

Tony Artz


Who I Am, What I Do: My name is Tony Artz and I am an Abstract Expressionist Painter. My style is a combination of music, art, and dance. I have been painting since the age of 7. After being burned with a cigarette, thrown into a scalding hot shower and beaten for 15 minutes by my dad’s girlfriend, I turned to art to express my inner emotions and I haven’t looked back since. I simply paint what I feel with no hesitation. To view my work and see my story, go to

1. What is creativity?

Creativity is life. Everything around us has creative purpose. It’s up to us as humans to either live in creativity or just simply exist.

2. What and/or who inspires you, and why?

My manager inspires me. He is the only one besides God that saw my talents and abilities and motivated me to pursue my dreams as a creative entrepreneur. I truly feel before you make that big step and go full time with your creative endeavors you need someone to lean on and take care of you when the going gets tough.

3. Name a favorite project. What did you love about it? What would you like people to feel when they experience it?

My favorite project is the one I am currently working on now. I am developing the Tony Artz Institute of Art & Business. I have created a platform that equips artists of all kinds, (painters, photographers, graphic designers, musicians, etc.) with the creative and professional skills they need to succeed as a creative entrepreneur. I love that I am able to use my creative business skills and experience and be of service to artists worldwide. I am very passionate about helping artists with the business aspect of art and I want artists to feel empowered when they take my courses. Go to for more details.




4. What is your creative process?

My style is a combination of music, art, and dance. I don’t use any paint brushes. I use the erasers on #2 pencils, oil pastels and acrylic paint. Picture a dance choreographer with paint in their hands, laying a foundation of emotion to the rhythm of the beat. I move about the canvas aggressively with uncontrollable motion, drumming the canvas with my hands. Once I create the pattern of the tone and melody I want, I transform the canvas into a visual musical production. I feel viewers of my work deserve both types of stimulation; audio and visual.  Each painting has a song to it. It’s the perfect marriage.


Passion at the Shore

Passion at the Shore


5. What was the biggest opposing force that you encountered on your creative journey? How did you move past it?

My family. I didn’t get the support I thought I would have. Still to this day, they have no idea the impact that I am making. However, the good thing is I was able to use their negative energy as motivation to succeed. I have come to the realization that there are three types of people in this world; those that make it happen, those that watch it happen, and those that don’t even know its happening.

6. Do the critiques of others affect your work? Do you ever critique your own work?

I don’t get caught up with critiques from others. I understand that being critiqued by others is part of what comes with being famous. You can’t have the crown without the sacrifice. I take critiques from others as a grain of salt. I try not to critique my work until I get that gut feeling to stop. If I were to critique my work during the developmental phases I would go insane. My critique is centered on a special gut feeling. My paintings are good, great or not finished; never bad.

7. If you had the chance to live during the height of any movement relevant to your field, which one would you choose and why? I would have loved to live during the Harlem Renaissance movement. Since I produce my artwork and songs at the same time, I would have loved to see what would have came out of a duet with such greats as Miles Davis, and Billie Holiday.

8. What is the best advice you have ever been given? What would you tell someone else hoping to enter your field?

A billionaire once told me, ‘Do things the way other people don’t do them and change the status quo.” The best advice I have for anyone looking to get into the fine art world is to find your voice, paint out loud and keep it simple.



Flowerballoon by Tony Artz


9. If you could influence public policy on the arts, what would you change and why?

I would influence the increase and awareness of more funding to senators and representatives to help support our nation’s cultural treasures and the arts in under-served communities.

10. What kind of art are you consuming right now? What are you/eating/listening to/buying?

I am consuming lots of EDM music right now. I am eating lots of pizza, and ice cream, and buying time for my future self.



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